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Deployment FAQ

Ok, so you've used SquaredUp in your test environment, and are now looking to deploy it into your production environment. So what do you need to think about?

Q. What do I need to consider regarding server sizing, scalability and performance?

SquaredUp can be installed on any server, such as your SCOM server, SCOM web server (alongside the SCOM web console) or on a single dedicated server. There are no minimum requirements for installation, but as we often get asked for guidelines, you'll find some useful information in the following articles:

Q. How do I configure SquaredUp to use a domain service account?

By default SquaredUp uses the Network Service account, but if you prefer to use a domain service account see How to check and modify the application pool identity

Q. How do I configure Windows authentication?

SquaredUp is installed with Forms authentication enabled, but if you'd prefer the browser to automatically authenticate the user with their Windows credentials you can easily enable Windows authentication with our config tool, see About authentication modes.

Q. How do I configure a load balancer and high availability?

For using Windows authentication with HA, web farm or a load balancer setup you'll need to configure Kerberos and SPNs, but fear not we've written comprehensive instructions here:

How to configure Windows authentication when SquaredUp is installed on load balanced servers

Q. How do I automatically redirect users to the /SquaredUp virtual directory?

If you want users to be able to access SquaredUp using just the server name (such as http://scomdashboards) then you'll need to set up a redirect. For instructions on how this can be done see IIS Rewrite - How to Configure a Redirect

Q. How do I manage named users?

Whilst any SCOM user can log on to SquaredUp, the number of users is restricted by the number of licenses (Named Users) you have purchased from SquaredUp. See Who can log on to SquaredUp?

Q. What network configuration do I need?

You shouldn't need to configure any new firewall rules, but for more information about the ports required by SquaredUp please see, Which ports do I need to open in my Firewall?

Q. What changes do I need to make to my SCOM environment?

SquaredUp has very little impact on your SCOM environment, but depending on your set up you may find these articles useful:

Do I need any antivirus rules set up?

Yes, see How to add AV exclusions

Anything else?

Is there anything else that should be covered here? Please let us know, we're always looking for feedback about how you've set up SquaredUp in your environment, so please do drop us a line at SquaredUp Support with any suggestions or queries.

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