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What's new in v3.1

SquaredUp v3.1 builds on the 2016 release of v3 with many exciting new features. If you aren't familiar with the v3 platform then check out our 'New to SquaredUp?' article.

We've focused on three main areas in the v3.1 release:

  • Feature parity with the v2 platform and user experience improvements
  • Extending the capabilities of Total Dashboard Architecture
  • The next major evolution of Visual Application Discovery and Analysis

Feature parity with v2

If you have previously used SquaredUp v2, this list will be a welcome return of some familiar features, most of which have been revised and improved in v3.1.

If you started your SquaredUp journey with v3.0 then you'll hopefully be very excited to learn about these new features:

  • Role-based navigation bar - publish a different set of dashboards to different users, depending on their AD group membership.
  • Sorting and grouping of tile content - sort and group the status tile by health state and other properties
  • Custom labelling - customise the name displayed for your monitored objects and metrics
  • 'Page-level scope' equivalent - publish full-page dashboards scoped to a particular object or group, with page-level health state and maintenance mode
  • Scalar displays for SQL - display totals and amounts as a large number from custom SQL queries (see below)
  • Interactive performance charts - mouse over showing timestamp and values, with improved time selection UI
  • Performance comparisons - easily compare metrics between objects
  • Alert management improvements - multi-select alerts, assign-to-me option and warning when closing monitor-based alerts
  • Improved dashboard authoring UI - one-click publishing of dashboard revisions and other simplifications
  • HTML email notifications - we have published open-source, community PowerShell scripts for enabling HTML email alerts in SCOM

There are some remaining v2 features that have not yet been migrated to the v3 platform. For a full list, see v2 features pending migration to the v3 platform.

Total Dashboard Architecture

SquaredUp v3.1 extends the single-pane-of-glass capabilities of Total Dashboard Architecture with new and improved integrations with other data sources:

  • SQL tile parameterisation - use SQL queries in your perspectives to automatically display contextual data from other SQL data sources, such as System Center Service Manager or other CMDBs.
  • New WebAPI tiles - use web API (i.e. RESTful) queries in your dashboards and perspectives to automatically display contextual data from other web data sources, such as ServiceNow.
  • Scalar displays for OMS, SQL and WebAPI tiles

Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)

SquaredUp v3.1 takes VADA to the next level with major new features to enable discovery and mapping of your distributed applications:

  • Linux discovery support - discover network connections in and out of Linux servers using new data on demand support for Linux netstat
  • Server group/tier management - arrange servers by logical tier or component group, which are then exported to SCOM Distributed Applications
  • Manually add servers to diagrams - supplement automatically discovered dependencies with other known dependencies
  • Improved DNS resolution of external dependencies - use of local DNS lookups to better determine the DNS names of external IP addresses
  • Improved handling of multiple application processes - multiple processes with the same name are now aggregated for a simplified view
  • Improved scalability - optimised algorithms provide improved UI performance and the ability to expand a greater number of connections

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