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How to convert a dashboard to a perspective

You may already have a dashboard that you would like to become a perspective. For example, you may have several dashboards for your applications, perhaps one per application which you created using the SquaredUp v2 clone option. You can take one of these dashboards and convert it to a single perspective, which with the correct scoping will appear for each of your applications showing the relevant information.


  1. Click the edit button Gear Edit Button .
  2. Click the Convert To Perspective button.

    Convert To Perspective Button

  3. Choose the object or group the dashboard represents, i.e. where you would like this perspective to be shown. You can choose for it to appear for a specific object or a specific group or for all members of a specified group or class. For example, if you would like the new perspective to appear for all Distributed Applications (DAs) you would choose Create perspective for members of and in the Class box type service and then select System.Service from the drop down list:

    Convert To Perspective Settings

  4. Click convert. The dashboard will be converted to a perspective, and you will be navigated to the new perspective.
  5. Edit the perspective's tiles to ensure they are taking advantage of the perspective's scope and showing the correct objects.

For example, for a Status Tile to show the health status of each of the DA components change the scope to relative objects, select the children and one level options, and set the Class to object.

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