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In-product Notifications

SquaredUp v3.3 introduces notifications, a new area of the product featuring product health details (e.g. license expiry or high availability issues), new releases and more.


Notifications are only visible to SCOM Administrators and those specifically granted the manage-notifications permission. For details on how to grant users this permission, see How to Manage User Profiles.

SquaredUp will periodically check for new notifications, which are visible from the top right-hand menu ☰ either via notifications or under system -> notifications. Notifications have different severity levels from informational (such as a new product release) to critical (e.g. license expiry).

Some notifications may include a link to further information (which you can access by clicking on the notification).

Notification example<>

Dismissing Notifications

Most notifications can be dismissed using the cross in the top-right corner of the notification. Once a notification has been dismissed it will no longer appear for any user, but can be viewed in the Dismissed Notifications area under system -> notifications.

However, some notifications are 'sticky', meaning they can't be dismissed and will only disappear once the issue has been resolved (sticky notifications have their cross icon replaced with a pin). For example, you may see a notification indicating there is a problem with your High Availability setup - once the issue is resolved the notification will be automatically dismissed.

Release Notes

How to Manage User Profiles

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