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How to put SCOM objects into maintenance mode in SquaredUp

Maintenance Mode allows you to set your object to a suppressed state, allowing you to complete work on objects without additional alerts and errors being generated.


The maintenance mode feature can be found on all object and group drill downs. When viewing an object, health state and maintenance mode information is displayed for the SCOM object or group that the page represents. This means that you can put servers, groups, or Distributed Applications (DA) into maintenance mode.

While an object is in maintenance mode you will see maintenance mode next to its name, and the health icon displayed in tiles (such as the Status tile) will have a wrench icon overlayed.

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When placing an object into Maintenance Mode in SquaredUp, all contained sub-components (such as disks, software, or group members) are also placed into maintenance mode.

Putting Groups or Distributed Applications into Maintenance Mode

View a distributed application or group in SquaredUp by searching for it or drilling down from another dashboard.

  1. On the page menu, click the maintenance mode button, then the Enable maintenance mode panel appears:

    alt text

  2. Select how long the object will be in maintenance mode, in minutes, hours or days.
  3. When placing your server into maintenance mode you can specify why you have done this using the Reason dropdown. The difference between planned and unplanned categories is that planned maintenance can be excluded from affecting downtime on Service Level Objectives.
  4. The Additional Comments section allows for context and explanation, for instance if your server has failed due to low disk space you may want to give context when setting maintenance mode and correcting this issue.

Extending or ending maintenance mode

If you finish your maintenance activities early, you can disable maintenance mode by clicking on the maintenance Mode button in the top left. Click the disable button to immediately end maintenance mode.

Likewise if you need to extend the maintenance window with additional time, click on the maintenance mode button, modify the duration and click update.

Scheduling Maintenance Mode

SCOM 2016

SCOM 2016 has a new Maintenance Schedules feature which allows you to schedule one off or regular maintenance windows. This option is available to SCOM admins and can be accessed from the SCOM console under Monitoring > Maintenance Schedules.

In the preview versions of SCOM 2016, Maintenance Schedules was available under the Administration section.

A good walkthrough of setting up a recurring maintenance mode for servers on "Patch Tuesday" can be found here.

SCOM 2007 and 2012

SCOM 2007 and 2012 do not support maintenance mode scheduling. You can only enable maintenance mode to take effect immediately.

There are several community solutions for scheduling maintenance mode (try a web search for operations manager maintenance mode tool or similar).

In particular we suggest you check out the web-based SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler by Tim McFadden.

New Features in SCOM 2016 – Maintenance Schedules

SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler

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