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Using the Dynamic Table tile

The Dynamic Table tile is designed to show detailed health state, performance metrics and information for a list of monitored objects. It's a new tile in SquaredUp version 3 and replaces the Server KPI plugin in SquaredUp version 2.

All you need to do is scope the tile to a set of monitored objects, and the Dynamic Table tile will attempt to display appropriate information.


The Dynamic Table searches the installed Dashboard Packs for a perspective that match the listed object types, for example Windows Servers, SQL Databases, Disks, Web Application Availability Tests, Load Balancers or any other type of object.

Unlike normal page perspectives, the Dynamic Table requires a special 'inline' perspective to be defined. An inline perspective defines the data that is shown in the columns of the table.


Can I edit the columns?

In SquaredUp v3 the Dynamic Table tile can only use perspectives pre-defined in Dashboard Packs.

In SquaredUp v4 the Matrix tile can also use custom configuration to edit the visible columns.


Columns sometimes missing

The Dynamic Table uses the scope defined in the tile configuration to search for an inline perspective that is applicable to all SCOM objects in that scope. If some of the objects returned do not have any perspectives available, you will may only see a list of health states in the table.

For example, a scope that specifies all Windows computers may return some desktop systems as well as servers, which do not have a perspective configured. You can resolve this by using a more explicit scope that does not include those client desktops (see the JSON reference section below for some of the specific options available.)

JSON Reference

Sample configuration

    "_type": "tile/dynamic-table",
    "config": {
        "context": {
            "scope": {
                "extendedProperties": true,
                "groupId": "",
                "classId": "ea99500d-8d52-fc52-b5a5-10dcd1e9d2bd",
                "criteria": ""
        "source": {}
    "description": "Displays Windows Computers",
    "title": "Sample Dynamic Table"

Schema reference

Name Values Required Designer Comments
Title text True True The name of the tile as displayed on the dashboard.
Description text True True The subheading of the tile as displayed on the dashboard.
extendedProperties true | false False False Allows the tile to access information available on child objects, at the expense of performance. If omitted the value is set to false.
objectIds Array of SCOM Id False True A list of specific SCOM objects that will be displayed in the tile, specified by their IDs. This option is ignored if groupId or classId is specified.
groupId SCOM Id False True The GUID of a SCOM group, the members of which will be displayed in the tile. If omitted, the tile will show all instances of the specified class.
classId SCOM Id False True The GUID of a SCOM class, instances of which will be displayed in the tile. If groupId is specified, the tile will only show members of the group that match the specified class (this includes objects contained in the top level items).
criteria text False True Filtering criteria used to limit which objects will be displayed in the tile. See How to use criteria when scoping objects for more information.

How to use criteria when scoping objects

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