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Understanding the figures on Performance graphs

Where graphs in SquaredUp show very small numbers they will use m (milli) or µ (micro) where appropriate, and large numbers will get k (kilo) or M (mega) assigned.

Name Symbol Value Description
milli m 0.001 One milli is a thousandth of one
micro µ 0.000001 One micro is a millionth of one
kilo k 1000 A thousand
mega M 1000000 A million

Large numbers on a graph

The graph below shows some large figures for the metric LogicalDisk - Free Megabytes:

Logical Disk - Free Megabytes

The latest figure shows 40.1k meaning 40100 MB, which you can see more exactly as 40145 MB when hovering over the figure, as shown in the screenshot above.

The k means thousands, and should not be mistaken for kb.

Memory counters may state the unit of measurement is bytes, so 266M will be 266 million bytes or 254 MB.

The M means millions, not MB.

Small numbers on a graph

This graph is showing some very small percentages for the metric PercentBandwidthUsedTotal:

Small Numbers On Graphs

The y-axis uses m to indicate milli. The max figure of 2.34m is actually 0.00234

The latest and average figures use µ to show the very small figures. 325µ is actually 0.000325, which correlates with the latest point on the graph.

Units of measurement

The figures in the graph above are percentages. This is shown in the metric name PercentBandwidthUsedTotal.

SCOM only stores the number values, not the unit of measurement. It does not store the fact that the figure might be in MB or in the case of the graph above in percent. The unit of measurement is usually in the metric name.

Metric Unit Converter

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