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Where is the Page Scope?

You may have used the Page Scope option in SquaredUp v2 to create a dashboard for a team of users, so that every plugin on the dashboard was scoped to the same SCOM group or class.

In SquaredUp v3 you can create a perspective for your team, that is scoped in a similar way to the page scope. A perspective is one of several different views of the selected object or group, often each designed for a different audience. In SquaredUp v2 you had a single page showing a generic object view, for example all the information about a server. You now have several pages, called perspectives, each with a different focus on that object. For example, a SQL server will have a SQL perspective, as well as Memory, Disk, and Performance perspectives.

You can create a new perspective scoped for your team, and with SquaredUp v3.1 onwards you can also add a link to that perspective from the navigation bar.

For more information see How to add a perspective to the navigation bar

Converting a dashboard to a perspective

You may already have a dashboard that you would like to become a perspective. For example, you may have several dashboards for your applications, perhaps one per application which you created using the SquaredUp v2 clone option. You can take one of these dashboards and convert it to a single perspective which with the correct scoping will appear for each of your applications showing the relevant information.

If you have a standalone dashboard that is a good candidate for becoming a perspective, you can convert it quite simply using the Convert to perspective button

How do I create a drilldown?

Masterclass - Total Dashboard Architecture video on YouTube

How to add a perspective to the navigation bar

What is a Perspective?

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