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Who can log on to SquaredUp?

SquaredUp adheres to SCOM role-based access control (RBAC), meaning any SCOM user can log on to SquaredUp with their normal windows logon and password. For you this will be your SCOM admin account, but users with other roles - such as Read-Only Operator, Operator, Advanced Operator and Author - may also log on to SquaredUp.

While users without SCOM access cannot log in to SquaredUp, they can view Open Access dashboards.


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How does my SquaredUp licence affect how many users can log on? What are named users?

Whilst any SCOM user can log on to SquaredUp, the number of users is restricted by the number of licences (Named Users) you have purchased from SquaredUp. If for example you have purchased 10 licences, the first 10 users to log on will get entered as Named Users and will consume licences accordingly.

Named Users can be managed in SquaredUp from the right-hand menu ☰ > system > named users.

See How to manage Named Users

While trialling SquaredUp, the Trial licence provides you with unlimited logons. However, the users must still be SCOM users in order to authenticate.

Named Users licences - Full-interactive use

Users who log on to the normal SquaredUp URL http://<servername>/SquaredUpv3 as a fully interactive users, are able to drill down to further information, edit company knowledge, respond to alerts etc, as much as their SCOM role allows, see below. These users will each consume one of the Named User licences that you have purchased.

How do SCOM roles and permissions affect what they can do in SquaredUp?

SquaredUp adheres to the role-based access control (RBAC) within SCOM. A SCOM user accessing SquaredUp will automatically be restricted to only what their SCOM permissions / RBAC allows them to see. For more information see How do SCOM roles and permissions affect what they can do in SquaredUp?

Who can author SquaredUp dashboards?

From a SquaredUp licensing perspective, any user with a Named User licence has the ability to create / edit dashboards.

However, by default, only SCOM administrators are given permissions to manage dashboards in SquaredUp.

If you do wish to extend this capability to non-administrators then permissions can be easily extended to other users. See How to manage user profiles.

Open Access: Non-Interactive Dashboards

Simply generate an Open Access URL, or add a dashboard to the Open Access navigation bar, and both SCOM and non-SCOM users can have access to a non-interactive image of the dashboard which updates every minute. For more information see Open Access dashboards.

Can the same user access SquaredUp from more than one device?

A user can roam across devices, but cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously. A user can have SquaredUp open in several browser tabs on the same device at the same time, but cannot access SquaredUp from multiple different browsers at the same time.

If the same user logs in a second time elsewhere, the message There are no licenses available, or the license for this user is in use elsewhere will be displayed on the dashboards of the first session, because the Named User licence for this user has been allocated to the second session.

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