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Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding


A Performance tile shows the following error instead of data:

timeout-command: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.


The Performance tile accesses data from the Data Warehouse directly using the published schema.

The SQL timeout is 30 seconds by default and it is not configurable.

It is not configurable for two reasons:

a) If the query is taking longer than 30 seconds then it's already putting a significant load on your Data Warehouse

b) 30 seconds is already a long time for a user to wait.


A. Install the latest version of SquaredUp

Firstly, ensure you are running the latest version of SquaredUp. SquaredUp v3.4.4 onwards includes a fix for many SQL timeouts and/or high Data Warehouse CPU usage when querying Performance metrics.

B. Check the Data Warehouse

One option to address these timeouts is to check the performance and load on the SCOM Data Warehouse server, and if necessary provide your Data Warehouse with more compute resources.

See the Data Warehouse Performance Tuning - 5 point plan

C. Reconfigure the dashboard

Alternatively you can reconfigure your dashboard.

  1. Reduce the scope of the dashboard to fewer servers, by clicking on Scope and selecting a group with fewer members. i.e. create a small group in SCOM for testing.
  2. Performance bar charts are expensive. In the metric section check the resolution.

    If raw is selected this may account for the Data Warehouse timeout, change this to hourly as this is the recommended and faster setting.

    If hourly is selected, then change it to daily, or perhaps raw just to see if this then displays data.

  3. Try changing the visualization to a Performance line graph or sparkline to see if data is returned.
  4. Remove one or more of the Performance graphs from the dashboard.

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