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Troubleshooting the SQL tile

If you are having problems using the SQL tile to add SQL queries into SquaredUp please check the following:

Here are a few things to check if you're finding the SQL tile shows no data.

  1. Test the query in SQL Server Management Studio

    Run the query in SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL server. Are results shown? If not, then there is a problem with the query.

    MS SQL Server Management Studio

  2.  Check SquaredUp has access to the database being queried.

    By default, access to the Data Warehouse database is configured during the SquaredUp setup process, but you will need to configure access to any other database.

    Check that the SquaredUp application pool account has the db_datareader role on the database that is being queried. See How to configure access to a database for use with the SQL tile.

    It is important to note that the account you are logging into SquaredUp with has no effect on database access. What is important is the user (identity) of the application pool inside IIS which is being used by SquaredUp.

  3. Check the connection string in the SQL tile configuration.

    To query the Data Warehouse the connection string can simply be set to:


    To connect to any other database you will need to specify the server and database as described below:

    Data Source=<SQLservername>;Initial Catalog=<DatabaseName>;Integrated Security=True;

    SQL Tile Connection

    For more information about connection strings see How to use the SQL tile - Connection String

  4. Check that you are using the correct tile type (Grid or Scalar) depending on the results output in SQL Server Management Studio.

    The SQL Grid tile should be used for queries that return a table of results.

    The SQL Scalar tile should be used when the result of the query is a single number.

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