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"Login failed for user" when configuring the Data Warehouse


Whilst configuring the Data Warehouse permissions during the setup wizard the following error is displayed:

An error occurred: Cannot open database "database" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'domain\username'

The database name may differ based on your SCOM Data Warehouse database. An example screenshot of the error can be seen below:

Cannot Open Database screenshot <>

Login failed for user 'domain\username'

If the error mentions a username, then it means that this user who you are logged on to SquaredUp with, either does not have a SQL login in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, or a SQL login does exist for this user but it does not have the Server Role of sysadmin checked.

See How to make a user a SQL sysadmin user.

You can return to the Data Warehouse stage of the setup wizard by browsing to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv3/setup?stage=datawarehouse where SquaredUpServer is replaced with the name of the server where SquaredUp is installed.

Login failed for Anonymous logon when using Windows authentication

An error occurred: Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'

If you are using Windows authentication and the error mentions anonymous logon then you should logon to a SquaredUp server and use the localhost address to configure the Data Warehouse permissions, for example http://localhost/SquaredUpv3/setup?stage=datawarehouse

Configuring the Data Warehouse permissions manually

If you still have problems see How to configure the Data Warehouse permissions manually.

How to make a user a SQL sysadmin user

Who can log on to SquaredUp?

How to configure the Data Warehouse permissions manually.

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