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'Discovery Error' or 'Discovery is disabled' (VADA)

When running VADA discovery you may see a message saying Discovery error. You can then hover over this message and click show errors to see more information. The full error message will advise you how to resolve the problem.

VADA Discovery Error


Only the Linux version of Netstat is supported, so only Linux machines will show network links and processes.

MISSINGSCOMTASK or 'Discovery is disabled'

MISSING_SCOM_TASK: The "Community.DataOnDemand" SCOM Management Pack is required. See https://squaredup.com/v3/vada-missing-management-pack for details.


MISSING_SCOM_TASK: The "Community.DataOnDemand.Unix" SCOM Management Pack is required. See https://squaredup.com/v3/vada-missing-management-pack-linux for details.


Discovery is disabled. To enable discovery, you must install the "Community.DataOnDemand" SCOM Management Pack. See here for details.

These error messages inform you that the relevant Data On Demand management pack is not imported in your SCOM management group. The link provided allows easy access to the appropriate download page. You must be a SCOM administrator in order to import the management packs.

To import each management pack:

  1. Open the SCOM console and go to the Administration workspace.
  2. Right-click on Management Packs and click Import Management Packs.
  3. Click Add > Add from disk, then Yes.
  4. Locate the Data on Demand management pack(s) you have downloaded and click Open and then Install.

If you get a naming conflict message this is because you have a previous version of the management pack installed. Remove the old Data on Demand management pack and then install the new version.


PowerShell 2.0 or later must be available on each server you wish to trigger discovery on. Note that servers will still appear in a VADA diagram if they do not have PowerShell installed, but you will not be able to discover further connections or associate traffic with the processes on the server. PowerShell 2.0 is installed as standard on Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, and is available for installation on earlier systems via the Windows Management Framework.

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