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How to add a perspective to the navigation bar

This walkthrough takes you through adding a link on the navigation bar to a perspective. This replaces the page scope option in SquaredUp v2.

We are going to create a perspective scoped to a SCOM group, and add a link to this perspective from this team's menu on the navigation bar. In this walkthrough I have a team who want to see the SCOM group called London.

  1. In the search at the top right of SquaredUp type in the name of your group. For this walkthrough I will search for london.
  2. Click on your group in the results.

    Search For SCOM Group

  3. On the perspectives ribbon click the + to create a new perspective.

    Create a new perspective

    Take care to create your new perspective in the correct location. When you add tiles to the perspective the scope of these tiles will be relative to the chosen object, for example you can show children or parents of the chosen object.

  4. Give your perspective a title, for example Sales Team London.
  5. Click done.
  6. Add the tiles you require. For example, a Status Tile scoped to show children with a class of object will show the group members:

    Show Group Members

  7. Click Publish and tick add perspective to navigation bar (option available in SquaredUp v3.1 onwards).

    Add Perspective To Navigation Bar

  8. Drag your new dashboard onto the menu you require.
  9. Click _Publish _

The title of the dashboard is the perspective’s name, rather than the object name.

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